Customer Service
Organizing and understanding the investigative requirements of each claim is a major facet of our services. Robert J. Trobe, C.P.P. ensures that each of our field investigators is provided with a concise description of the case's facts and an organized method of investigation. Each file is personally administered by a case manager, who has at his or her fingertips the use of all the firm's assets, thereby permitting Robert J. Trobe, C.P.P. to expeditiously and effectively pursue each investigation.

While there can be no substitute to the individual experience each of our investigators possesses, by providing a detailed assignment, supervision, and investigation guide to our investigators, we apply a systematic approach to each claim and ensure that every aspect of the investigation is complete and accurate.

A case manager will remain in constant contact with you, reviewing the results of the investigation and discussing new alternative investigation procedures.

A detailed report is compiled in our office to provide you with a complete synopsis of our activities, itemizing all open aspects of the investigation and suggesting precise future investigative steps.